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What Kind Of Photographer Do You Need?

Recently, I was browsing on the mobile app called Houzz when I came across an article titled "How to hire an Architectural Photographer" where differences between architectural photographers and real estate photographers were presented to help make choosing the right kind of photographer for homes easier for individuals in the market seeking one. Now as a real estate photographer, I will focus more on discussing that type of photography using architectural photography as a counterpart so hopefully you can see and understand why the differences between the two types can significantly impact the final result and images you can expect to receive. One key point to remember as Jamie Salomon of James R. Salomon Photography in Portland, Maine states, "You don't want a photographer who does everything".


One of the first questions you will need to answer is essentially how and to what extent will the photos be used. When answering this keep in mind the following: if the sole purpose is to help facilitate the sale of a home then choosing a real estate photographer is your answer. On the hand, if you will be showcasing the artistry, details in the interior or exterior spaces, geometric patterns and shapes of the home then selecting an architectural photographer is best. Also, understand that the longevity of the pictures varies greatly whereas real estate pictures have a finite term (once the property is sold the pictures lose their primary purpose) architectural images can last much longer and hold higher value to the client.


Aside from determining the overall function the pictures will serve you, next is understanding the differences in the amount of time it will take to produce the images. In real estate, the photographer usually will spend anywhere from an hour to a few hours at the property capturing the exteriors and interiors of the home working swiftly and as efficiently as possible with shot lists that guide the direction the photographer will take composing the angles, etc. and hence will have less time to get the images done. In architectural photography, the time to produce the images as far as determining the most appropriate angles, composition, furniture and accent pieces arrangements, etc. is more as the photographer usually will spend hours to an entire day at the home working with an assistant to obtain the best possible shot(s) by rearranging the layout or decorations to be more suitable for the picture while also taking into account the different lighting conditions.


The last thing is looking at how much influence the role of the photographer will have in the creation of the images. Usually in real estate, the photographer will simply capture what is present in the home and move on to the next space or room and have far less participation in the decisions that go into getting the space prepped for the photography that follows. However, in architectural photography, the photographer plays and has a much more significant role oftentimes meeting with the client to discuss and make key decisions in the following areas: best approach to capturing the images, styling, furniture placements, lighting, and overall story the images will convey to the person seeing them.


In summary, choosing the right photographer for your needs as it pertains to homes oftentimes involves understanding the various differences in photographic techniques, styling, and processes used to produce the images. By keeping in mind the above points you will be one step closer to making an informed decision on selecting the most appropriate photographer. Its worthy to note the points illustrated here are by no means all inclusive but, rather are just a few to help get you started narrowing down the list of potential photographers you have in mind or will be contacting. I hope you have enjoyed reading this month's blog post. As I mentioned previously, if you know someone looking to get into real estate photography and believe they would benefit from this post or others I have written before, please feel free to share it with them. Also, make sure to subscribe to our email list to receive the latest news and updates from Marcos Guevara Photography (just enter your email address at the bottom of the screen when you first visit our website). Lastly, please be sure to like our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram!

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