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Is Coworking Right For Me?

It has taken me several months and what seems like forever to arrive at a decision regarding this question I have asked myself over and over that course of time. The answer for me at least is yes and why you ask? Well, there are numerous reasons some of which are: increasing my productivity, networking/collaboration opportunities, and the human element, which I will elaborate below. Hence, this month's blog post will focus on this subject as increasingly there is a shift occurring in the mobile workforce towards this way of working.


A quick search online will reveal the fact that working in a shared office environment increases the productivity an individual turns out due to the fact that working with other like-minded professionals forces the individual to step up their game and maintain the same level of performance as his or her peers. Essentially, by being in a coworking ecosystem, and seeing others hard at work it is contagious to witness and makes you want to be the best at whatever it is you are doing. Also, there are no distractions you would find if you were say working from home such as from family members, TV, or random interruptions that hinder the maximum output you could be producing otherwise. After reviewing my prior six months as far as getting things done work-wise, I noticed that I was not accomplishing all of my "to do" list items partly because I was in a relaxed state of mind working from home and had no true sense of urgency to get things accomplished in a timely manner. By switching and moving into a coworking space, the complete opposite has happened and I immediately have noticed the difference in getting my work done and also, being better at time management by setting dedicated times for different activities in given day. It basically is one my biggest reasons for choosing to work in a shared office environment and have found it rewarding thus far.


As a real estate photographer, working from home or other similar arrangement is pretty much the norm yet, I found myself often wishing I could help others in the photography business regardless of the type of photography or specific thing that needed attention in any way I could as personally I enjoy helping others whenever possible. By working from home, this obviously was a road block in being able to accomplish this however, since moving into a coworking space it has allowed me to foster new contacts in the photography business and beyond and whenever the time calls for it I am right there working alongside those photographers or other creatives needing an extra helping hand in their projects. Also, the ability to network with other creatives constantly at any given time is possible, which oftentimes can lead to increased business and that is something that for me at least was crucial to both the short term and long term sustainability for my business.


After working from home for over a year and three months, I found myself depleted of true interactions with other people and consequently felt very isolated at times. I jokingly said to a friend once that I felt I was on an island with just my computer as my lifeline to the rest of the world lol. By switching over to a coworking space, I have found myself making new friendships, expanding my contacts in various industries, and overall having better social experiences on a daily basis, which has increased my happiness and outlook towards the future. In addition, by working in a shared office space aka coworking, I enjoy being a part of the community of like-minded professionals that makeup the space where I now operate my business from because it creates a sense of unity towards accomplishing great things for our own businesses alike.


In summary, I hope you have enjoyed reading this month's blog post. When it comes to deciding on whether or not moving into a shared office space aka coworking is a worthy pursuit for your business consider evaluating the pros and cons of doing so or lack there of. For me, I can say its been one of the best decisions I have made for my business and only wish I'd done it sooner. At the end of the day, only you can decide if it makes sense to make the shift into this new ecosystem and way of working. It is not for everyone but those that have made the switch and are a part of such communities more often than not have positive outcomes to testify to. Do your research and ask friends and colleagues what their thoughts are. You will never know until you take action and see the results for yourself.

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Have a great day!

Marcos Guevara

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