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The Value Your Real Estate Photography Services Provides Clients When They Hire You.

Recently, I had a discussion with a current Client of mine that has given me considerable business for his real estate listings needing pictures taken in order to market the property for sale online and across multiple other outlets. During our conversation the topic of my current pricing rates came up and the moment presented itself for me to educate and remind my Client why my photography services, from a pricing standpoint, are higher than some of my competition in the area. It just so happens that a few days before this conversation took place I was researching online this very topic for this month's blog posting. I came across an excellent blog post written by Kristin Joseph from Fairytale Productions, a wedding and event services company, where she uses wedding photography and videography as the basis from which to present her thoughts and make valid points on this subject. Hence, I bring into this month's discussion a few key points Kristin highlights in her blog but, will speak from a real estate photographer's viewpoint instead. My goal is to simply present my ideas and thoughts and hopefully shed more light on this subject, which some photographers sometimes struggle with when it comes communicating their photography services and the inherent value that comes with it.

1. What Does Your Photography Services Include?

It might seem like a no-brainer but, you will be surprised at how many photographers out there skip this part and go straight to the "I provide excellent images, which in turn will capture the moment beautifully" talk. When I was explaining to my Client my pricing I informed him that in addition to the actual photography I always deliver 2 different versions of the pictures allowing the opportunity to use the best possible version of the images for any given outlet or purpose to help market the property for sale most effectively. Think about what else are you providing your Client that makes your overall value increase in their eyes. For example, what types of rights do you give your Clients with respect to image use? Do you provide them with all high resolution images or only a select few?

2. The Experience (it matters more than you might think).

Aside from considering all the tangibles that you offer your Clients through your photography, how about the intangible factors such as how your Clients' time is spent with you as their photographer? How are they reacting to your conversation and tone? Are they engaged with you and more importantly, do they feel relaxed and comfortable? Every time I meet with my Client at one of his newest listings I always start the conversation by asking how things are (not related to real estate) in his life, its not meant to come across like I am poking around but, rather to express genuine interest in his activities and pursuits which in turn makes me more relatable in more ways than just through photography itself.

3. It's All About Return On Investment (ROI).

The last aspect to understand is how your photography services will provide your Clients the maximum return on their investment when they hire you as their Photographer. For example, since I produce high-quality photography for properties, my Realtor Clients tend to experience better results after I deliver the photos to them and they go live on the MLS, online, and print outlets as well. I have had multiple Clients on various occasions reach out to inform me that soon after the pictures I took of their listing went live they started receiving a lot more showing requests on their properties. This in turn has led to quicker sales on those listings had otherwise they not had professional photography (or simply chosen a less expensive photographer). Also, there is the feedback my Clients receive from the sellers regarding the photography I took of their property, which oftentimes is positive and in turn provides reaffirmation in my Client's mind that selecting and hiring me as their real estate photographer was a wise investment decision. Furthermore, this elevates their brand by associating with a professional who aims to capture the property as best as possible while providing outstanding service.


In summary, I hope you have enjoyed reading this month's blog post. When it comes to value and your photography services its important to be honest and not short change yourself. Take the time to fully understand what your photography brings to your Clients and how it impacts their bottom line. Developing the skillset and communication know-how to convey this information takes time and practice but, it will show Clients the true value they receive or will be receiving when they book with you and not another photographer in your area. As I mentioned previously, if you know someone looking to get into real estate photography and believe they would benefit from this post or others I have written before, please feel free to share it with them. Also, make sure to subscribe to my email list to receive the latest news and updates from Marcos Guevara Photography (just enter your email address at the bottom of the screen when you first visit my website). Lastly, please be sure to like my social media pages on Facebook and Instagram!

Have a great day!

Marcos Guevara

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