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Choosing A Real Estate Photographer.

When it comes time to selling a property on the market these days, having quality images is a must as it is the first impression potential buyers will have of the property and hence can determine to a large extent whether they pursue it or simply turn the page and look at other properties while searching online. With that comes the responsibility of the agent to find and work with a professional real estate photographer who can deliver outstanding images that will draw in buyers interested in learning more about the property for sale. In order to determine which photographer to select, agents should keep in mind a few things such as the photographer's style, personality, and whether or not capturing real estate properties (real estate photography) is their specialty. Addressing these items in more detail is the focus of this month's blog post.


Perhaps one of the easiest and most recommended things to do is to start by checking out the photographer's portfolio (website or on social media) to gauge their style of capturing subjects. Do they shoot with natural light or artificial lighting (flash, etc.)? How do the images appear to you? Are they bright or more subtle and warm in appearance? Is this how you, as the Agent, envision having your listing presented online and on print materials? It's important to take this into consideration as many real estate photographers use different techniques when capturing images for real estate properties. For instance, some will employ a technique known as High Dynamic Range (HDR) using only available lighting while other photographers will utilize a technique known as "Flambient" blending an ambient shot with a flash (lit) shot to produce a totally different look (and style) to the image.


Aside from their style, the type of personality the photographer has (whether extrovert or introvert) can impact and influence the overall experience you and your clients (sellers) will have during the property photoshoot session. For example, consider your first interaction with the photographer whether on the phone or in person how did they sound/come across to you? Did he or she speak clearly, with enthusiasm, and an upbeat tone or were they more quiet and reserved when talking and explaining their service and process to you? By evaluating the photographer's personality with yours and that of your sellers, you can make a better decision as to selecting the right photographer appropriate for your listing and clients. Essentially, if everyone shares similar personalities the conversations and time spent together during the photoshoot should be more harmonious and pleasant making the experience more positive and better for all.


The last thing to keep in mind when choosing a photographer to work with is simply whether or not real estate photography is their main area of focus and attention. You can do this by just asking the photographer during the initial consultation appointment and seeing their body work. By working with a photographer who specializes in capturing real estate properties versus another photographer who captures portraits, weddings, and does occasional real estate work, you as the Agent can rest assure you are working with a specialist as opposed to a generalist photographer that has the training and expertise required in this realm of photography. In addition to that, working with a real estate photographer means he or she will have the appropriate equipment to successfully carry out the job and also, have a better image processing know-how compared to another photographer who focuses more on let's say portraits.


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