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How to market yourself as a real estate photographer.

Like any other creative profession, promoting yourself as a real estate photographer can be both challenging and rewarding at the same time. It takes time, persistency, and confidence in letting others know what it is you do for a living. Furthermore, with the overabundance of information and message stimulation the average person is exposed to on a daily basis whether it is through social media, television, or through other means, it becomes imperative for the real estate photographer to establish repeatable marketing systems to grow both as a creative professional and as a brand in the marketplace. With this is mind, I now turn to presenting you with 4 different ways successful real estate photographers promote themselves and their brand continually and how you can do so as well.


When it comes to letting other people know who you are and what you do as a real estate photographer, participating in professional networking events is a great way to get in touch with potential clients you seek to do business with. Personally, I have had the opportunity to work with great real estate agents and generate business by participating in these types of events. Now, there are different types of networking events and organizations out there that put these fantastic occasions together and usually occur either early in the mornings or in the evenings during the week. I suggest checking out apps like MeetUp to learn more about specific dates and times these events are occurring in your area. Next, get in contact with the organizer to learn more about the networking group and ask if there are any professionals such as real estate agents involved in the group and whether or not it is possible to get their contact information.


Let's face it: Most if not everyone has an email and checks it weekly if not daily for a variety of reasons such as: getting important information regarding personal matters, receiving shopping deals from apparel companies, and viewing travel specials to exciting destinations for a future vacation. Therefore, successful real estate photographers understand the power email marketing can have on reaching clients every month. By searching online, real estate photographers looking to promote themselves can utilize one of the many companies currently offering email marketing services. Some even offer a free trial period before charging a monthly fee so why not try it out.


Successful real estate photographers are experts at utilizing different social media platforms to promote themselves and their work in a variety of ways. For example, creating a page on Instagram and uploading photos on a consistent basis of properties recently photographed is a excellent way to reach others in your market including ideal clients you as a real photographer seek to do business with such as listing agents located in your county. Another way to promote yourself as a real estate photographer on social media is by creating videos like a behind-the-scenes video where you show viewers your gear before or after completing a photoshoot at a property. Also, making a video demonstrating viewers proper techniques for capturing interiors and posting it to YouTube or Vimeo is a great way to show your skill-sets and expertise, which furthers your credibility and conveys a sense of assurance that you know what it takes to capture appropriate photos for real estate properties.


Finally, one of the most common ways to get your name out there as a real estate photographer is by spreading the word to your family and friends of your profession and explaining what exactly it is that you do as doing so will enable your family and friends to be more informed and better "Ambassadors" that in turn, can let their network of contacts know as well. You will be amazed how quickly word-of-mouth travels and how fast people start taking notice of your work, which in turn can lead to a higher chance of getting in contact with individuals and businesses real estate photographers work with such as listing agents and real estate developers to name a few.


In summary, I would like to say that it is important to understand and recognize that not all of these methods presented here will be met with equal success and outcomes and by no means are inclusive. My intent here is to simply present several ways to get yourself noticed as a real estate photographer based on my own experiences. I hope you have enjoyed reading this month's post. As I mentioned previously, if you know someone looking to get into real estate photography and think they would benefit from this post or others I have written before, feel free to share it with them. Also, make sure to subscribe to our email list to receive the latest news from Marcos Guevara Photography (just enter your email when you first visit the website). Lastly, be sure to like our pages on Facebook and Instagram!

Have a great day!

Marcos Guevara

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