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5 items real estate photographers should have in their camera bags.

Working as a professional real estate photographer means having to carry and transport camera equipment from one listing to the next often frequently depending on the level of volume of photoshoots and schedule the photographer has in a day or given week. With this in mind, there are several things that sometimes can be forgotten due to last minute emergencies, leaving in a hurry to arrive on-time at an appointment, or simply not crossing the mind of the photographer to bring it with them for whatever other reason. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to present 5 items real estate photographers should carry in their bags to all shoots to prevent the possibility of leaving them behind by accident and rather having them readily available when the time is needed.


Having a tablet presents the real estate photographer with the ability to accomplish a number of tasks that can come up during the course of a photoshoot or immediately after such as reviewing images taken from a drone (if the photographer is being hired to take aerial photos of a property) and to preview/review images taken from a wireless camera remote control such as a CamRanger.


In addition to a tablet, having a notepad is another item real estate photographers should carry in their bags as sometimes writing in a tablet can be difficult to do especially when the tablet is already being used for another purpose during the photoshoot or simply because the photographer does not have one and/or prefers to make notes etc. in writing instead. Also, having a notepad is great because last minute photoshoot changes and or scheduling appointments can be made and written on the spot without having to wait first for an app to open or having to download an update to use the app afterwards.


In addition to bringing a notepad, real estate photographers should have some type of card reader on hand for clients seeking to pay via this method instead of with a check. Most of the readers available now are small and because of this reason can easily be misplaced. By having a dedicated compartment in their bag where the card reader always remains immediately following its use, real estate photographers can have piece of mind knowing they have their card reader available and ready for their next client.


Moving from that, it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day especially when working outside capturing exteriors of properties in warm to hot weather conditions. Therefore, bringing a water bottle or some other type of hydration drink is another item that real estate photographers can easily add into their bags as many photography bags have a dedicated exterior pocket to place the bottle in.


Now here is something most photographers will carry in their bags as long shooting days and nights can quickly work up an appetite. In real estate, it is no different and for photographers shooting multiple properties per day, having a quick and healthy snack is a convenient way to ensure the body receives the nutrition it needs. My personal favorite snacks to pack in my bag are low-sugar granola bars such as those by KIND.


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